Set 7.5 Dragons and Traits

New trait 1 - Lagoon

The Lagoon trait will keep track of all the ability casts through the entire game. | Provided by Riot Games.


  • Bronze Tier (3) : 20% AS and 20 AP
  • Silver Tier (6) : 40% AS and 40 AP
  • Gold Tier (9) : 70% AS and 70 AP
  • Platinum Tier (12) : 200% AS and 200 AP

New trait 2 - Darklight

Sacrafice a champion in the Darkflight hex to see what happens. | Provided by Riot Games.

Sacraficed Unit gives a random copy of the item it is holding to all dark flight units

  • Bronze Tier (2) : 700 Bonus HP
  • Silver Tier (4) : 900 Bonus HP
  • Gold Tier (6) : 1200 Bonus  HP
  • Platinum Tier (8) : 1800 Bonus HP

New Dragons

  • Zippy Guild Dragon
  • Nomsy Trainer Dragon
  • Swain Darklight Dragon
  • Sohm Lagoon Dragon
  • Terra Monolith Dragon

Nomsy Dragon

Nomsy has been upgraded to a Dragon in TFT 7.5  and is one of the two new tier three Dragons that cost six gold. Once just relegated to being just the pet of the Tamer trait, Nomsy is now the one who has pets of their own. Nomsy comes with a unique trait which is called Prodigy. Prodigy makes Nomsy gains one of three traits randomly each game which are the traits that each of the old Tamer champions had. These are Cannoneer, Evoker and Mage.

That’s not all, either; Prodigy also spawns the corresponding Tamer from the trait that Nomsy currently has. For example, if the game is a Evoker Nomsy game than when players place Nomsy onto the map, a Lulu will be spawned alongside Nomsy. The Tamer cannot be sold and players cant place items onto them (but they can of course now place items on Nomsy). The benefit though is that the Tamer still counts as an additional synergy. So placing an Evoker Nomsy counts as two Evoker.

Nomsy comes with a super upgraded version of it’s original ability which is now called Fireballs! This ability makes Nomsy fire a giant fireball at her target which on impact explodes into four mini fireballs which does AoE damage around her target. Nomsy is definitely a carry threat and that’s on Gromp.

Swain Dragon

Swain has also been upgraded into a Dragon for TFT 7.5. And with the upgrade comes a new cost. Swain is a tier-four Dragon and is the leader of the new Darkflight trait. Swain’s new ability is simple. Dragon Master’s Decree launches dragonlings toward nearby enemies that deal damage but most importantly, heal Swain for a percentage of missing health each. Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer described Swain as a “draintank” something that players can put on the frontlines and have a champion that would dip to really low health but then heal back up to full constantly.

Zippy dragon

Zippy is the other tier-three Dragon coming in TFT 7.5. As the Guild Dragon, Zippy fulfills the mount fantasy of the RPG theme. And just like a mount, Zippy is definitely capable of carrying players to victory.

Zippy’s ability is Somersault Assault. This ability shields Zippy as he somersaults towards the enemy with the highest percent health while knocking them back and doing a percentage of his AD as physical damage.

Sohm Dragon

Cries for a Mage Dragon have been answered with the introduction of Sohm. Sohm is also the very first unique unit in TFT ever and even has a unique model not seen in League of Legends. The entire design is original, and so is the ability. As the Lagoon Dragon, Sohm’s ability is definitely AP-focused.

Sohm’s ability Tideblossom sends an AoE tide towards an unmarked target. Once it reaches them, they are marked with a Tideblossom. She continues to do this on every cast but on every third cast, the Tideblossoms explode dealing AoE magic damage in an area. Since Sohm has a very low mana cost, being to cast quickly will allow Sohm to do massive amounts of damage even if it’s not apparent on the first couple of casts.

Terra Dragon

Terra or Idas Both tanks what’s the difference you may ask lets discuss it in detail with the advantages of the monolith Trait that is exclusive to this dragon

Terra is the new  7 cost Dragon with the uniuqe monolith traits that shows three spots where the champion standing on it will gain ARMOR and MR adding interesting combos to this new patch

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