Weekly Blog Aug 24

Redox Shows of Lux Hypercarry in set 7.5

Looking for a reroll comp ? redox builds up lux with some insane items that are ap based and rerolls at level 6 for a 3 star lux .

He uses Nomsy’s new trait prodigy that provides you with either 2 mage or 2 evoker or 2 cannoneer .

Nomsy and heimerdinger give him 2 mage he manages to find a mage spat and adds two lagoon mages along with the spatula and a vladimir this gives him an insane power boost of 7 mages 3 lagoon.

Robin's Graves build fully stacked

With the loss of corki and revels cannoneer players Rejoice since the cannoneer trait in the mid set patch will be very viable.

Just like corki 2 star 2 star graves is a force to be reconned with, Following the trend of rageblade this is one of grave’s best in slot items since he shoots 4 shots stacking it 4 TIMES !!, He follows up with a crit item and healing item making this garves simply unstoppable.


He also utilizes the new cannoneers jayce and zeri, and he adds an insane frontline consisting of idas lee sin and the new mystic rakan.

Bunny Mufins explains the new mid set patch

This new patch contains alot of new dragons champs augments traits and more Bunny Muffins goes through by detail in this video.

    New dragons

  • Nomsy
  • Swain
  • Zippy
  • Terra
  • Sohm

For more information on these dragon you can visit our latest blog post here.

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